8 Meter Media

Unique experiential events
for strategic leaders

8 Meter

Why 8 Meter? Draw a circle 8 meters in diameter, fill it with smart, engaged people, and jump-start the conversation. That’s our model in a nutshell – unique experiential events that enhance the lives and careers of dynamic professionals. We have produced more than one hundred highly regarded conferences over the past ten years, including AdMonsters, Publisher Forum, OPS, OPS Mobile, OPS Markets, OPS TV, Screens, and other events in the U.S., UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil. We believe that conferences should be awesome, and that #awesome should be your top priority.


We like to go deep. We believe that focus in a specific subject and on a specific role is critical to a productive discussion, especially for technical leaders.


We believe that quality is paramount for any content-driven organization. Our value comes from our audience, and our audience comes for quality. Quality content means maintaining clear editorial vision and integrity, speaking directly to our audience, creating relevant, timely, and actionable content, and not straying from our topical focus.


Community is Necessary. A professional community is a requirement for any craft to develop to its highest potential. Professionals need a community to meet each other, find and learn from mentors, become mentors themselves, solve problems, create and find solutions, develop best practices, experiment and test theories and launch and promote products. A community is necessary for professionals as people, to find understanding, share stories, learn, grow, laugh, and make human contact in an increasingly virtual world.

Work + Play

Work used to be a drag. Part of the reason for this was that work was entirely separate from the rest of our lives. We went to work, and we were no longer ourselves. Today, work and life are much more integrated. Work should be fun – and we know from experience that we get more done when we are engaged and happy at work.