Conferences can be awesome – but most aren’t

As the former CEO of AdMonsters, the original founder of the AdMonsters Publisher Forum, the OPS conference series and several other conferences, and an advisor to several other businesses, conferences and media companies, our founder Bowen Dwelle and the 8 Meter team are uniquely qualified to work with conference business owners and operators to grow, optimize, build, streamline, increase the profitability of, and find successful exits for their businesses.

speaker at OPS Markets
speaker at OPS Markets

Advisory work for conference businesses can include elements such as (not a complete list):

  • business analysis / current state of the business
  • mission / vision / core values
  • value proposition / brand / brand strategy
  • product offerings and key differentiators
  • business systems and processes
  • opportunities for improvement and growth
  • strategic and tactical plans
  • content strategy
  • marketing strategy
  • conference facilitation
AdMonsters Publisher Forum Boulder Colorado
AdMonsters Publisher Forum Boulder Colorado

Our goal is to make your conference and your conference business truly awesome for you, your participants, your sponsors, your team, and everyone else involved. Contact us today to discuss your conference business and develop a plan together.






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