EO Events

EO Envoy program / Special offer for EO Members

Our founder Bowen Dwelle is a proud and passionate member of the San Francisco chapter of EO, the Entrepreneurs Organization, and has served as Learning Chair, Communications Chair, Forum Chair, and Chapter President, and is also the founder and moderator of Flow Forum, a unique myEO Forum focused on physical flow and outdoor athletic challenge.

For fellow EO member companies, we offer a blanket discount of 15% on all services as part of the EO Envoy program.

Please contact us with your requirements or event brief and identify yourself as an EO Member. As fellow EO Members we will work together to develop a plan for your uniquely awesome event!

Magic words (Topics / Subjects)

These are some magic words that we often use as starting points. We can build events around any of these and other topics incorporating EO forum and chapter methodologies.

  • Athletics and Intuition
  • Flow
  • Real Fitness
  • Authentic Physicality
  • Mind+Body integration
  • Work/Life → #OneLife
  • Freedom as a way of life
  • Just prepared enough
  • Always ready
  • Start with yes
  • Change everything
  • Fear is just a message
  • Keep odd hours
  • Turn left three times
  • Collect the keys then find the locks
  • Someday means never
EO Swimmers during SF/Berlin Sister Chapter event

A few example activities

  • Swimming under the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco Bay
  • Trail running or a long hike in Marin or the Santa Cruz mountains
  • Paragliding at Mussel Rock near San Francisco
  • Kitesurfing in San Francisco Bay or at Waddell Creek on the coast south of Half Moon Bay
  • Cycling and hot springs in the Anderson Valley
  • Rock climbing indoors in San Francisco, or outdoors in the greater Bay Area
  • Mountain biking in Marin or elsewhere in the Bay Area
Flow Forum on Red Lake Peak

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. We can develop anything from an afternoon activity to a custom forum retreat to a full-blown chapter event or multi-day conference – just contact us and identify yourself as an EO Member.